Ramsey House Photographs
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Ramsey House Basement

Group B
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Mold On Basement Floor

Mold On Basement Wall

Windowless Room Light

Crawl Space

Window Well

Windowless Room Light
Ramsey House Photographs
Ramsey House Basement
Jameson: "MOLD ON FLOOR.....Shows mold on floor. I don't know if the proper word for it is mold - - but I studied it closely and it looked like tiny bubbles, soap bubbles, dried Stepping on them made a crackling sound. I have to wonder if the authorities duplicated this stuff to test Boots' boots. Wonder if they had some of this stuff on file to compare to the material found inthe grooves inthe boots.."
Jameson: "WINDOWLESS ROOM LIGHT SWITCHES (RIGHT SIDE)......this is the light switch that was on the right in the room where JonBenét was found. It was lower than any normal light switch would be and fairly easy not to see.."
Jameson: "WINDOWLESS ROOM LIGHT SWITCHES (LEFT SIDE)......This is the light switch on the left of the door - - it was about 5 feet off the floor - very high and again, difficult to find if you don't know where it is. I show these to explain why Fleet White might not have been able to find the light switches when he said he went to the basement, opened the door and didn't see the body."
Jameson: "CRAWL SPACE AND WINDOW WELL: This led to the crawl space that Thomas went into - the bottom is leaves and popcorn that was still in the window well LONG after the murder -- the window well was never emptied out and cleaned.."

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JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case December 25, 1996
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